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The Shepherd's Way.

No feminism, no red-pill, just Islam

Reclaim your masculine purpose in the ummah, all based on Quran and Sunnah.

"For too long the truth about Islamic masculinity has been hidden away"

Men around the world are coming up against challenge after challenge in 2022. Most have no clue how to deal with it and distract themselves with drugs, porn and videos. Others have an awakening but ultimately end up getting lost down the Red Pill rabbit-hole.
Muslim men have something that others don't. Guidance from Allah and His Messenger (PBUH).
The problem is the exact information we need to discover our masculine confidence, lead our families and revive the ummah is being kept away from the English speaking world, that is.

And That's When It Hit Me...

If I was confused about my purpose and role, was lacking confidence and determination then my Muslim brothers around the world definitely were too.
I'd had moments of enlightenment when reading Islamic material but there was nowhere that compiled all the guidance for Muslim men in one place, especially in the English language. So I wrote it myself.
After months of research and reflection and feedback from friends and students of knowledge, I put together: The Shepherd's Way. 
Toss aside the extreme ideas pushed by feminists, red pillers and liberals. The Shepherd's Way dives deep into what it means to be a man from an Islamic perspective. Whether you want clear answers on gender roles, to discover newfound masculine confidence or just attract and marry the ideal wife, this book is the blueprint.
Drawing from the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and works of great scholars of our religion, this book cuts through modern agendas and cultural baggage to ask the ultimate questions: what is the role of a Muslim man? How should he conduct himself? How should he interact with women? What's the right balance between humility and honour? And many more.

"Really amazing and I can't wait to finish the whole thing!"

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"Pure Islamic masculinity"

"Really enjoying the book so far"

"It puts many modern day issues into perspective."

Here's Who This Works For

A significant part of getting married, making a good income (rizq)
and striving with confidence is the mental component.

Practicing Muslims
Not-yet practicing Muslims
Young men lacking motivation
Men lacking purpose and drive
Men struggling to get married
Unhappily married men
Parents looking to raise real men
Men struggling with addiction
Young men 18-30
Men 30+ looking for more in life
Men stuck in the street life

So If You're Struggling With Low Drive, Confidence and Direction in life and  Want to Reach Your Masculine Potential...

This Book Is For You!

The Shepherd's Way was written with the average Muslim men in mind. Not just for the super religious guys or those who aren't struggling with the temptations of 2022: free-to-access p*rn, cheap fast food, video games and Netflix.
The message is simple: if you're a man who feels he's far from reaching his potential then Allah wants more for you too! Uncover your higher purpose through The Shepherd's Way.
You weren't created by Allah to just go to school, obey all orders, graduate, work and become a human ATM. You have so much more to offer yourself, your family and the ummah! So go ahead and discover your potential now.

Discover In The Book (FREE)

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

Section 1: What makes a man?

  • Secret #1: My journey from jobless uni graduate with 0 confidence, just dreaming of getting married to married and confident business owner having dinner in Burj Khalifa
  • Secret #2: The 3 enemies of masculinity and how the world ended up like this.
  • Secret #3: How both feminism and the Red Pill movement don't work for Muslim men and why we need to turn to another source of inspiration.
  • Secret #4: why the world is crying out for more masculinity and male leaders.

Section 2: Shepherd yourself

  • Secret #6: What the first stage of development must be if you're going to reach your potential, gain self-confidence and lead your wife and family.
  • Secret #7: The #1 trait of a real Muslim man and how to develop it.
  • Secret #8: The power of thinking ahead and why all Muslim men need to be proactive.
  • Secret #9: The truth behind fear and the only Islamic way to defeat it.
  • Secret #10: Why you must learn to become a follower before you can become a leader.

Section 3: Shepherd your family

  • Secret #11: The #1 trait you need to lead your family and have them respect you.
  • Secret #12: The answer to the universal question: "Do real men cry?".
  • Secret #13: When you should focus on family and when you should build your empire.
  • Secret #14: The advice the Prophet (PBUH) gave about being careful with women.
  • Secret #15: Your 3 duties towards your wife(ves) and children.

Section 4: Shepherd your Ummah

  • Secret #16: The Muslim street code that the Prophet (PBUH) taught and how to implement it.
  • Secret #17: How to cultivate stronger friendships with men that you can trust.
  • Secret #18: How to develop and build your life project.

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I'd like to rush you a FREE copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP.

"So What's The Catch?"

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something exciting for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month. This isn't one of them.
  • Reason 1: This book is my contribution to my brothers out there. I want you to make use of it to change your life!
  • Reason 2: The goal of this book is not to make me money at all.
  • Reason 3: I want the essential information in this book to reach as many Muslim men as possible so I'm making it a no-brainer offer.

You've Seen The Amazing Men of this Ummah...

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...

Will you follow in their footsteps?

  • What if you confidently knew your role in your family and society as a man?
  • What if you knew how to become more confident, assertive and driven without becoming domineering or arrogant?
  • What if you knew what traits to build to marry the ideal wife, make more money and become the leader of your household?

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I'd like to rush you a FREE copy of my brand new paperback book to your doorstep, ASAP.
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